Air Power Services

Maximizing Efficiency & Reliability

As a Sullair distributor with over 30 years of experience in the field of compressed air systems, we can accurately develop an overall diagram of the performance of existing compressed air systems and present solutions for modern, cost-effective, and reliable air generation.

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Air Audits

The U.S. Department of Energy determined that on average up to 50%, or more, of the $40,000 a year in energy it takes to run one 100 horse power air compressor is wasted! Using the SystemWizard™ analysis software, Air Power Sales & Service can quickly evaluate the cost and efficiency of a compressed air system, compare multiple compressor alternatives, identify opportunities, and calculate investment paybacks on energy saved. SystemWizard™ is also an ideal tool for evaluating changes to the system after a full audit or assessment. During the audit of your air compressors, Air Power Sales & Service will utilize high-speed data loggers to collect more than 150,000 data points, over a seven-day period, to determine your current demand profile and identify opportunities to improve reliability and reduce operating costs.


  • Reduce operating costs 25% to 50%
  • Reduce maintenance costs 10% to 80%


Because downtime is not acceptable… Air Power Sales & Service can monitor your compressed air system to ensure it remains reliable, efficient and operating correctly. We will service your compressors, filters and air dryers to schedule, based on the operating profile and environment of your business. Our knowledgeable staff of service technicians can install, repair or maintain your air system, regardless of brand, with 24-hour emergency service, 365 days a year. Our parts department maintains a vast number of commonly used parts and can source those that are not in stock. We can also help and guide you through changes to your air system as your company changes and grows.


  • Limits equipment downtime
  • Satisfies budget requirements

Preventative Maintenance

Today’s rapid economic growth and changing business conditions have provided new incentives for companies to re-evaluate their maintenance operations. As plants have become more automated, and equipment more sophisticated, the emphasis has switched from merely fixing broken machines to keeping them running efficiently for longer periods of time. Perceptive management teams recognize that they can no longer be competitive with outdated maintenance practices. The methods, tools and quality of maintenance used in the past are no longer adequate in a contemporary production environment. Good maintenance is a genuine value, especially as it relates to bottom line results.


  • Increases longevity of assets
  • Reduces repairs needed
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